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'Living with James Bond'

'The true life story of the author living with the man who changed the world'. Author: Peter Urbanski release date July 2023

Living with Ian Fleming's model for James Bond

'Living with James Bond' is a memoir written by the author about his father, who he reveals to be a top superspy and assassin for the Allies during World War II.
    Although he was known as the 'King Assassin' to the Allies and the 'White Ghost' to the Poles, he was Ian Fleming's model for 'James Bond' and 
he was always the 'good and quiet father' to the author.
    The author explains precisely how his father became the model for Ian Fleming's 'James Bond' and how much of Bond's actual character and background was based on his father's real-life experiences. Clearly he was based upon a real man not just created out of thin air.
    The author also reveals that Christine, a real woman and a Polish Intelligence Officer, was the inspiration for the character of 'Vesper Lynd'. She was both Ian Fleming's and the father's lover.
    The author's father was hunted by SMERSH, the Soviet counterintelligence agency, and had to flee to Australia to escape Lavrentiy Beria, who was responsible for the KATYN massacres.
    Never before done as the author provides evidence to prove that his father was the model for Bond, and the book offers a unique perspective on the creation of one of the most famous fictional characters in history.

Finally, the answers to solve 3 x historical mysteries -
The Mysterious Death of Polish PM and General Wladyslaw Sikorski
The cause to Stalin's 'Trial of the Sixteen.' Or in Polish Proces Szesnastu.
The person who was the main influence with Ian Flemings model of James 
Bond. The 
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