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Bronislaw Urbanski was the basis for Ian Fleming's - James Bond
British Super Spy and Bronislaw's girlfriend and War Director was none other than British SOE Christine Granville born Poland Maria Krystyna Skarbek. Has already been accepted as the actual model for Ian Fleming's character - Vesper Lynd.

'Living with James Bond' 007

Non-Fiction, a True-Life Story.

ABOUT: LIVING WITH JAMES BOND - The man that was really fictionalized to become the original model for James Bond by Ian Fleming, kept a secret since 1952. With physical proof from the man himself, Ian Fleming.

    Introducing: 'Living with James Bond' A World First !

    Embark on a unique journey as the author unveils his upbringing alongside the man who inspired Ian Fleming's iconic character, James Bond—a secret kept since 1952.

    As the author’s father neared his deathbed, he discovered his connection to Ian Fleming through British SOE Christine Granville (Maria 'Krystyna' Skarbek), Churchill's favorite super spy. All based upon facts. She like Bronislaw was also raised in Piotrków, as Krystyna played a pivotal role as they both formed the construction of the legendary figures of James Bond and Vesper Lynd for Ian Fleming.  

    The author had personally read letters from Christine written to his father, which were written many months before her death from 1951/2, revealing her influence on Fleming. She confided in Fleming under the British Secrecy Act, leveraging his position as the Foreign Editor for Kemsley Newspapers and an ex-Naval Intelligence Commander. Christine's revelations about Bronislaw's assassination of General Sikorski left a profound impact on Fleming, inspiring him to create James Bond and Vesper Lynd.

    Fleming, deeply affected by Sikorski's assassination, closed his operation 'Golden-Eye' in Gibraltar following the mysterious death. He even named his Jamaican property 'Golden-Eye,' a name featured in his Bond novels. Bond’s creation began when Christine secretly confirmed Bronislaw’s role in Sikorski’s assassination, a revelation that impressed Fleming. The author is explaining that his real-life events is where Ian drew his information from.

    Christine’s recount of Bronislaw's wartime feats, including his escape to Australia to evade SMERSH and Lavrentiy Beria, further influenced Fleming. A sketch Fleming drew of Christine became the model for Vesper Lynd, and a photo of Bronislaw, provided by Christine, became the basis for James Bond’s only sketch. A letter from Fleming to Arthur Paul of Playboy Publications in 1962 supports this claim.

    Thus, the legend of James Bond, originally based upon Bronislaw, emerged—a reality disguised as fiction. Fleming adapted Bronislaw’s character for a Western market, making him British, giving him a Naval rank, a penchant for women and gambling, and using names and acronyms familiar to Western audiences.

    Join the author on a poignant journey of self-discovery as he unravels the mystery of his father’s identity—a man of lethal precision and deliberate grace, whose life inspired the creation of James Bond. As the author comes to terms that from the age of 3.5 years he was taught to shoot a real gun, by the age of 5 throw knives and axes perfectly and was different from the rest of the kids down his street.
    Discover the gripping tale of the most formidable spy and assassin of the 20th century, whose daring exploits served as the muse for Ian Fleming's legendary creation.

NOTE: This BIOGRAPHY will be released late 2024. It is in the final editing stage. However, the current book for sale - "To Live Well is to Hide Well" will explain his history and has evidential material as well. 

You can buy this book on AMAZON click here, it contains his real historical photographs, documents not inside the biography and you can see how he became 'fictionalized' to become James Bond.

That is correct, even Ian Fleming's letter to Arthur Paul of Playboy Publications 11th of December 1962 on the exact physical attributes of James Bond. 
Taken from Bronislaw's Australian 1949 passport 
Given to Ian Fleming by SOE Christine Granville late 1950
She verifies this in her two letters sent to Bronislaw, the author has cited them.
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