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'Living with James Bond'

Unveiling the Real-Life model for Ian Fleming's incredible - James Bond

    This captivating memoir titled 'Living with James Bond' delves into the extraordinary life of the author's renowned father, shedding light on his covert role as a top superspy and assassin for the Allies during World War II. Already proven to have caused the most shocking Assassination in History (See 'Sabotage!' by Grub Street Publications written by Chris Wroblewski.

    Revered as the 'King Assassin' amongst the Allies, and known as the 'White Ghost' to the Poles, the author's father also became the inspiration for Ian Fleming's iconic character 'James Bond'.

    Yes, that is correct, for the first time in over 70 years you are about to find out an incredible secret that this author has known for more than 40 years. As the author passionately reveals the fascinating process by which his father's real-life experiences were woven into the fabric of Bond's character and background, dispelling the notion that Bond was merely a figment of Fleming's imagination. A little of course was, a lot was nothing to do with Ian.
    The main influence for Bond's design certainly was not Dusko Popov. For it is noted that even if Ian Fleming added some gambling based upon him, that has never been proven.
    Nor trusted to Popov's comments as "....In his memoirs, Popov said that he “encountered J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI office in New York.” After Hoover’s death, the FBI stated flatly that no such face-to-face meeting had occurred." taken from WW2 Spies*
whereas Bronislaw was with Polish/British Intelligence prior to WW2 and in the end the OSS/CIA.

    As the author grows up in Ford Street, Ottoway, S.A. He notices that his father is vastly 'different' than that of the other children's father's of his street. Yes, they were mostly European, some smattering of Aussies. But, his solitude, the secrets, his unique skills, his weapons and explosives, plus the big reveal.

    The author meticulously presents compelling evidence to support his claim, even citing instances where Fleming utilized his father's personal 1949 passport information in official correspondences. This is shown in this book Ian's vs the Australian Government Passport and other information. After all the author states that Ian sketched Bond directly from Bronislaw's (1947) picture. This is hard to refute.
    Astoundingly, Ian also uses the ten unique features attributed to Bond directly taken from the author's father, not conceived by Fleming himself, an oversight that significantly bolsters the case for his father's role in the character's creation. Of course the proof of Ian Fleming's letter and the Official Australian Government description of Bronislaw of 1949 and his photos prove the point.

    Moreover, the memoir unveils the intriguing relationship between Christine Granville, a figure central to the story, who served with SOE (Special Operations Executive) and MI6 and became both the lover of Ian Fleming and the author's father. The character 'Vesper Lynd' in Fleming's novels was inspired by her, and evidence of this connection has been widely acknowledged, including a personal sketch of her by Fleming.

    Fleeing from the relentless pursuit of the Soviet counterintelligence agency, SMERSH, the author's father sought refuge in Australia, in 1949. As a testament to the perilous circumstances he faced. Astonishingly, SMERSH also found its way into Fleming's debut novel, 'Casino Royale,' published in 1953, underscoring the real-life danger that echoed within the world of fiction.

    This groundbreaking memoir offers unprecedented insights into the genesis of one of literature's most renowned fictional characters. With an abundance of evidence and a unique perspective, the author successfully establishes his father's rightful place as the model for the iconic James Bond, forever altering the way we perceive the beloved spy.

        Be amazed as Churchill's favorite female spy (SOE Christine Granville) writes to Bronislaw in 1950 and 1951 to inform him that a British Writer called Ian Fleming is going to write books on him, not to worry your name is changed and you are now British!

    The most incredible thing as the author discovers that Ian Fleming apparently also drew a picture of SOE Christine Granville who is now accepted as the model for Vesper Lynd and Bronislaw as Bond. 


Finally, the answers to solve 3 x historical mysteries -
The Mysterious Death of Polish PM and General Wladyslaw Sikorski
The cause to Stalin's 'Trial of the Sixteen.' Or in Polish Proces Szesnastu.
The person who was the main influence with Ian Flemings model of James 
Bond. The 
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