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  • Why was the book written only in English?
    The author lives in Adelaide, South Australia, far away from his paternal Polish heritage. As Bronislaw's youngest son, and the 'only child' he trusted prior to his death. He explained in detail his past. Peter was always told to learn English and simply 'fit in'. As he says that 'We had to fit in and be Australian'. Bronislaw was hunted in Europe, and all the way to Australia from a death warrant issued by USSR's Lavrentiy Beria from SMERSH (Soviets organisation which means death to all spies of Russia/Soviet) which was discovered by British Historian Stewart Egerton (retired) as he interviewed the partner to Bronislaw. This included his MI6 partner 'Teddy' and some others of course. This included their families. Apart from Beria there were some Polish who actually also knew what Bronislaw had done (to Sikorski), and a handful of these specialist Poles came after him as well all the way to Australia. Also using the PCIRO documents. Their entry into Australia was tracked by the Author through official Government records Dec. 1949, and brought into reality and confirmed by a confronting phone call from the son of the main man sent to kill Bronislaw. To get into Australia Bronislaw actually forged all his documents to get in, yes that is right he forged their PCIRO special documents with an underground printing group printed in 1948. For he had to run to a Western Country for safety, so that he could ensure his safety and that of his wife and son. So, he went to the furthest place on earth to hide and that to him and that was - Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide was back in 1950 really and still is, a place so far removed from the rest of the world, that no-one will find them. The Soviets luckily did not find him, but the Polish team certainly did! What saved him was what they saw so go read the book and find out.
  • How could Bronislaw possibly get near and reach parts of Sikorski's plane?
    Unbeknown to many people today actually knew, that there were lots of 'ladders' left deliberately for ease of access in 1943 around the "Apron" of the runway in Gibraltar, for ground crew easy access etc. Bronislaw even laughed to this author as he explained that he even knew that there was a British 'guard' stationed inside of the plane, to protect it when he sabotaged it. Specifically Flight AL523. What he did to the plane was "external" nothing was done inside and it truly beggars' belief, for he was trained by British and Polish experts. It is explained in precise detail inside the book so go read it that is why it was written. (Image permission sought). The Canadian TRIALS that were independently performed in late 2020 by Aeronautical Expert and Mechanic, Chris Wroblewski and together with expert Garth Barnard (WW2 Crash Investigator) who produced 'Sikorski's Last Flight', all agree that finally they have found the answer. This was not done with the author's knowledge until they had performed it all. The TRIALS were based upon the detailed confession of Bronislaw's actions that he performed on his plane 'precisely'. They went on independently without the author's knowledge to write their own results in the book 'Sabotage!' 2023 Chris Wroblewski & Garth Barnard, published by Grub Street, Publishing. This mystery would have been solved earlier if it was not for the deliberate stubborness by the Polish IPN. Known for their hot headedness they refuse to believe that a Pole could have killed their own Polish Prime Minister and General. Not based upon logic, rather a moralistic approach which makes no sense. This sadly is why the public have not heard about the answer to the mystery as they refuse to believe that it was any one else by the Russians. Fact. Sadly this is not going to happen as much as we all hate the Russians, even today what they did in Ukraine. Truth is the truth. Please read the book to gain access to the Scientific detailed deconstruction and reasons why this is the only method to down Flight AL 523. From confession to scientific breakdown on how he did it.
  • What proof do you have that your father was an Assassin or Involved with Polish, British and US Intelligence?
    Actually quiet a lot! Apart from Bronislaw's detailed explanation of his roles before, during and after WW2 - he told the author that he was only ever into Intelligence reporting and removing people the original 'Mechanic'. He was with both Polish Intelligence and MI6 long before WW2 even started. Lastly with the US as OSS or CIA (changed to CIA 1947) depending on the time as to their name. Many of Bronislaw's action like in North Africa came with orders from the British War Office itself, actually one such document signed by Winston Churchill himself this is via British researcher (now retired) Stewart Egerton. That is amazing, which was for both Bronislaw and his partner 'Teddy' to train British personnel in North African secret location in communications and explosives. Bronislaw told the author once that in North Africa in 'Operation Vulcan' he rolled into the sand under a moving tank and placed a 'sticky bomb' onto it, it was made by his partner Teddy for him to use. Often Bronislaw would recant his methods to kill his targets, like the gruesome conversation that he described to his youngest son (the only person whom he had told about his past) that it's very difficult to just break 'someone's neck' with a quick twist with your hands, as he often strangled them instead or used his German Gravity knife's hook to do the job and so on. Then there is the U.K. WW2 Researcher Stewart Egerton, Liverpool, who actually interviewed my father's British Intelligence 'Partner during WW2' "Teddy", as the researcher even identified my father during identification from a WW2 video still of MI6 partner and himself together. Dad's British MI6 partner talked a lot to Stu as did his son Jan. Bronislaw was in the end proven to be correct with his recollection of who, and what, happened especially with the Plane sabotage of Flight AL 523 (Sikorski crash). See book 'Sabotage!' by Chris Wroblewski. As in Africa my dad told the author in great detail about his when he was involved in 'Operation Vulcan' and that he was with the company that had a Mascot Bear - Woitjek etc. There are the photographs of him just before they called him up in Iran (middle east) to assassinate Sikorski, and he used different names and rank, with fake documents and that no one can find his name proves he is the real deal in my eyes. Yes, a photo says a thousand words. Stu sighted a photograph of Teddy, Bronislaw (as Security detail to him) with Sikorski, daughter and 2 other unidentified Generals on Gibraltar, prior in the day of the crash. In the late 1960s 'Zbigniew Szubanski' visited the author's own home and explained firsthand that Bronislaw was their 'King Assassin', as Zbigniew has been officially recorded as the Boss of the A.K. Unit 993/W "revenge co' with the pseudonym of "Çlive" Then in June 2019 a phone call from the son of one of the team that was sent to originally kill the author's father before he killed Sikorski (Alek). And then follow after him to Australia and documented to get him. See his many documents that are included in the book, showing his Military dealings, that prove he changes birthdates constantly and his name etc. COVER: YouTube (35mm NAZI Film reversed and converted to black and white and digitized) Bronislaw in the middle with MI6 partner LHS, all unbeknown to the NAZIS. He is not only on its cover but shown filmed in detail at precisely the 1 min mark in this video. Just 'Click' on the video to play. (BELOW of course).
  • Has anyone verified that the method used to down the plane (Flight AL523) could work?
    Yes, they have! Independently they have all by themselves, from information as the author supplied precisely just how Bronislaw performed the Sabotage, and assassinated General Sikorski. They are all aeronautical experts and the very same WW2 Crash Investigator Garth Barnard. As a World renowned WW2 Crash Investigator who had already produced a documentary in 2014 for the Sikorski Plane Crash, U. K's - WW2 Air Crash Investigator - 'Garth Barnard'. Produced and investigated 'Sikorski's Last Flight' long before this book even came out in 2014. However this has 'reawakened him to reassess it once again'. With Chris Wroblewski they went another step further with the physical TRIALS performed in Canada in August 2020 and shared their findings on And on their Polish History channel Kresy Siberia. As Canadian expert Aircraft Mechanic and Polish historical enthusiast - Chris Wroblewski; have decided 100% that Bronislaw's method for downing the plane. NOTE even though the Polish IPN could not find the reason for the crash of Flight AL523 and still suspect foul play even though they cannot explain it. As such they officially have left it open. This author and others have seen that the real issue seems to be that the Polish IPN itself, actually do not want to accept that a specialist Polish team was involved, however you cannot change history. They want the Russians to be responsible (Soviets then). Unfortunately life is complicated, not at your choice. Published by Grub Street Publications "Sabotage!" by Chris Wroblewski and WW2 Air Crash Investigator Garth Barnard (Click This Link) View the early video taken from with their first TRIALS in Canada August 2020 See the book for detailed scientific breakdown of how it happened and why this is the reason that Flight AL 523 crashed after just 16 seconds of flight.
  • Why did you decide to write this book?
    My father started telling me when I was a child, but then in great detail what he got up to in WW2 in the final months before he died. Which shocked me that he was the world's top spy and his girlfriend also. That I was specifically told to talk about the 'Sikorski' incident, long after he is dead. He made it very clear to me that tell them 'At least 35 years later' as he was embarrassed. I was thinking then to myself back in 1984 'would i even be alive by then'? It took many years to write my own book 'To Live Well is to Hide Well', the title was even given by Bronislaw. Available in all bookstores around the world in over 193 countries and AMAZON. And the sad news, the author is dying and has had stage 4 heart failure for a few years, not to mention many bare steel stents, pacemaker and CABAGE open heart surgery. The world has only a short time to find out the truth behind the REAL JAMES BOND MODEL for Ian Fleming.
- General Wladyslaw Sikorski
- Sabotage
- Unit 993
- Assassin
- James Bond
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