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Book - To Live Well is to Hide Well
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Bronislaw C.G.T.C. Guard
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Finally, the answers to solve these
historical mysteries -

The Mysterious Death of Polish PM and General Wladyslaw Sikorski
The cause to Stalin's 'Trial of the Sixteen.' Or in Polish Proces Szesnastu.

The  model for Ian Fleming's fictitious James Bond.

'To Live Well is to Hide Well'

Non-Fiction True Life Story.


The most elusive Intelligence Officer / Spy and Assassin of the 20th Century.

    Bronislaw Urbanski, a Polish native, became a symbol of resilience and bravery during World War II, serving as an underground resistance fighter and supplying critical intelligence to Poland, Britain, and the USA.

    His selflessness and resourcefulness sustained the spirit of resistance that contributed to the eventual liberation of Poland. However, a shocking revelation unfolds in the book 'To Live Well is to Hide Well.'

    On July 4, 1943, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, a key figure in the Allied war effort, died in a mysterious plane crash lasting only 16 seconds. The book, supported by evidence and experts, unveils a detailed confession about the sabotage behind Sikorski's assassination. Bronislaw Urbanski, the protagonist of the book, was a Polish and British Intelligence Officer involved in the plot.

    The narrative explores the link between Britain and the assassination, suggesting concerns about Sikorski's proximity to the Soviets. 'To Live Well is to Hide Well' provides a non-fictional account of Bronislaw's life as an international spy and assassin before, during, and after World War II.

    His daring exploits caught the attention of Ian Fleming, inspiring the early prototype of James Bond. Fleming's creation of James Bond, however, was a fictionalized version for entertainment.

    The book sheds light on Bronislaw's escape from SMERSH and his relocation to Australia for safety. Despite being the actual model for James Bond, he kept his identity secret, even from his family. To him living and the safety of his family was more important than outing to the press his role.
    The book offers a true and verified confessional aspect on the assassination of General Sikorski, providing insight into the complex political landscape of World War II and the power struggles behind the scenes."

* This book will be revised and updated if necessary to ensure quality and accuracy of content.

Fascinating and worth persevering with...

"....... as the author was working in a language (English) that is not their own. However, the story is very interesting and sheds new potential light on the (Sikorski) assassination. It includes a lot of particularly interesting photos to support the story. I learnt things about the Polish underground as well, that I had not fully appreciated."

ANDREW REEDS - British Military, SAS, Military Journalist, MOD writer, Journalist, Businessman - Book review on AMAZON in the United Kingdom on March 5, 2021

Most Amazing...

We were taught at school how the Enigma was handed over to the British, how Bertrand fed info back and how Dilly Knox met the team in Warsaw, how a machine was smuggled here (excuse my putting it in a nutshell). However, this book (and I paid for mine) is a fascinating, more detailed insight than you would teach a fifteen-year-old. Good read! "

GILL WILKINSON - Facebook Public forum - British Poles 

- Book review 17th of July 2021

"To Live Well is to Hide Well' has been verified (Sikorski Crash) by "Sabotage!" Chris Wroblewski Nov 2023 Grub Street Publications
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