To Live Well is to Hide Well ( book )

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The most elusive and lethal Spy / Assassin of the 20th Century, who has survived undetected until now. A book that took 80 years to make.

NON-FICTION, the True Life Story of Bronislaw, with photographs, and access to the CANADIAN 2020 Trials (Sikorski plane crash). Supported by both WW2 Military & Aviation experts worldwide.

    Written only in English, the language his youngest son Peter uses. This is the true-life story of Bronislaw, a Military man, who was involved with the highest level of Polish and also British Military Intelligence before and during WW2. Read about his 'Enigma' involvement, and it’s handing over to Britain's MI6 in the Polish 'Pyry' Forest, Warsaw. As Bronislaw works on the ‘Enigma’ machines and other wireless technologies, in Poland’s A.V.A. Radio Co. in the early 1930s, many years before Alan Turin even lays eyes upon an 'Enigma'. With his rare photographs with key British SOE’s, and their stunning stories.
    In early 1939, Bronislaw liaises with British ‘Major Peter Allix Wilkinson’ and ‘Colonel Colin McVean Gubbins’, both of MI6 (MIR - Section ‘D’). He even strikes up a friendship with his ‘Duck Shooting’ partner; the incredible ‘General Adrian Carton Di Wiart’ in the wet Polish Marshes.

    However, it's when NAZI Germany invades Poland in September 1939, that he and his K.O.P. Platoon now have to protect the British Intelligence Team sent there, as well as the Polish Cipher Bureau, and the ‘un-killable’ ‘General Adrian Carton Di Wiart’. He guides them safely to Romania; as they slowly escape back to Britain, however Bronislaw, his British Intelligence partner ‘Piotr’ and his Platoon cannot escape and have to surrender to the NAZIs.

    Be amazed when you look at his ‘NAZI capture photo’ taken from NAZI ‘propaganda film’ by Joseph Goebbels, showing Bronislaw and partner’s capture. However unbeknown to the them is that Bronislaw is top Polish Intelligence, and his partner standing next to him is British Intelligence, all disguised as just ordinary Polish Soldiers.
    As the NAZIs kill Bronislaw’s youngest brother 'Janek' at Stalag VB, he then escapes and soon liaises with both British / Polish Intelligence, situated now in London. They direct him against the 'enemy', by Wireless Transmitter. He is directed and chases after the biggest and most highly profiled NAZIS that ever existed, sometimes successful, and sometimes not.
  Top British SOE Super Spy ‘Christine Granville’ was actually born in Poland as a Krystyna Skarbek, an inspiration for Ian Fleming’s fictitious ‘James Bond’ Series – as ‘Vesper’. However unbeknown to you until now - is that her nickname ‘Vesper’, was given to her by her Nobility born father, as it means ‘the first star of the night’.

    Ian Fleming knew this and is believed to have had an affair with her. As ‘Vesper’ is used in his book ‘Casino Royale’. 1984 and Bronislaw explains in an interview with this author that - ‘there is a man in London that has written a book about me, but I haven’t read it yet’. And evidence in this book supports that they were a lot of Bronislaw’s own pre-war and wartime adventures, and his functions with Polish, British and incredibly the US Government Intelligence Departments. With documents of some of his interactions from all the countries inside this book.

    As Bronislaw seeks revenge for the NAZIs ‘slaughtering' many of his Polish Urbanski family, he joins many Polish Resistance groups, and especially the highly secretive Polish 'Muzkieterowie'. Being of Polish Szlachta (Nobility), he is accepted as this was one of its requirements. His coordinator is also Christine Granville, and is also his lover and she now directs him who to target and kill.
    Most Shocking: Discover that after many years, and after both British and Polish IPN cannot determine why Polish PM and General Waldyslaw Sikorski’s plane (AL-523) crashes just after 16 seconds of flight.

    Now see the real truth with its supporting evidence by Air Crash Investigators. Read the step by step explanation as to how the Plane was sabotaged EVEN WHILST A British Guard was inside the plane. Be blown away by just how effective the most ‘simplest’ of techniques can down a massive Military B24 plane in just 16 seconds of flight and leave no trace. Find inside the real proof, as Bronislaw’s method has now been successfully established by Aviation Experts in Canada during August 2020, the book has access to these TRIALs video.

    Later Bronislaw earns the title of ‘King Assassin’ by the Polish Government in Exile’s – A.K. Unit 993/W, boss ‘Zbigniew Szubanski’, who in the late 1960s: talks with this very author about who Bronislaw was. As he is about to die from COPD Bronislaw even names this book ‘To Live Well is to Hide Well’, as he coins his life of intelligence and espionage. But unknown to him as he escapes to Australia.

Fascinating and worth persevering with...

"....... as the author was working in a language (English) that is not their own. However the story is very interesting and sheds new potential light on the (Sikorski) assassination. It includes a lot of particularly interesting photos to support the story. I learnt things about the Polish underground as well, that I had not fully appreciated."

ANDREW REEDS - British Military, SAS, Military Journalist, MOD writer, Journalist, Businessman

Book review on AMAZON in the United Kingdom on March 5, 2021

We were taught at school how the Enigma was handed over to the British, how Bertrand fed info back and how Dilly Knox met the team in Warsaw, how a machine was smuggled here (excuse my putting it in a nutshell). However this book (and I paid for mine) is a fascinating, more detailed insight than you would teach a fifteen year old. Good read! "

GILL WILKINSON - Facebook Public forum - British Poles 

Book review 17th of July 2021



Over the summer I constructed an inexpensive functional full-scale replica cross section of a B-24 Elevator and fixed Fairing. With this replica I was able to simulate and confirm with confidence that your father's sabotage of AL 523 caused the crash and death of General Sikorski. In my opinion and Garth Barnard’s, your father's story and his method are no longer in doubt. It is worthy of serious attention by historians.

Chris Wroblewski

WW2 AIR CRASH DETECTIVES : - Investigator of 'Sikorski's Last Flight' 

General Wladyslaw Sikorski and 15 others were killed when the B-24 they were travelling in crashed shortly after take off from Gibraltar very nearly 77 years ago.
The crash on the 4th July 1943, where the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Eduard Prchal, survived, has been the subject of much discussion and debate. I would even go as far to say that this is probably the most talked about crash involving a high profile figure in the history of flight. The conspiracy theories have rattled on for years with the finger of blame, if it wasn't an accident, being pointed in many directions, but now, finally, the truth !

Garth Barnard


- Now this makes sense, I have been studying about the Sikorski crash for many years, and I believe it. What an incredible 'account before and during the war....especially those photographs with MI6...

Paul Jackard


I have completed reading your book. I found the book interesting. You certainly had a unique relationship with an unusual father. It was interesting to read to first hand accounts of the wartime experiences of a Polish soldier throughout the war, and back in Pol...

Henry Szlot