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To Live Well is to Hide Well

  The most controversial and lethal Political Spy / Assassin of the 20th Century, who has survived undetected until now. 

    The true-life story (Non-Fiction) of Bronislaw, a man involved with the highest level of Polish Military and British Military Intelligence, before and during WW2. Read about his 'Enigma' involvement and it’s handing over to MI6 in the Pyry Forest, Warsaw, including his rare photographs with key British SOE’s, and their stories.

    Bronislaw liaises with both Major Peter Allix Wilkinson and Colonel Colin McVean Gubbins both (MI6) MIR - Section ‘D’, and enjoys ‘Duck Shooting’ in Poland with General Adrian Carton Di Wiart in the Polish Marshes. However, it is when NAZI Germany invades Poland that he and his K.O.P. Platoon, need to protect the entire British (MI6) Team, as well as the Polish Cipher Bureau, and the ‘un-killable’ General Adrian Carton Di Wiart.

    Be amazed at the ‘still photo’ taken from a NAZI ‘propaganda film’ by Joseph Goebbels, that shows Bronislaw and his partner's capture. However unbeknown to the NAZIs, that he is top Polish Intelligence and his partner is British Intelligence, all disguised and dressed as typical Polish Soldiers.

    Krystyna Skarbek (aka British SOE Christine Granville) is an inspiration for Ian Fleming’s fictitious ‘James Bond’ Series – as ‘Vesper’. She is now Bronislaw’s coordinator, and one-time lover, when they were both Polish ‘Musketeer’s’, so find out who was Bronislaw to Ian?

   Bronislaw earned the title of ‘King Assassin’ by the Polish Government in Exile’s – A.K. Unit 993/W, boss ‘Zbigniew Szubanski’, who in the late 1960s had talks with this very author.

   His incredible missions, as he is sent to kill top NAZIs, including their failures. Controversially and shockingly he is also directed from Cairo, to assassinate his very own Polish PM and General Wladyslaw Sikorski, and he does so without leaving any clue's as to what he did. But now you will find out precisely how you take down Flight AL-523 in 16 seconds!

   When Bronislaw realized that he was about to die, he told his youngest son words in Latin and then translated it back into English, it meant 'To Live Well is to Hide Well', for now, he talks of his amazing unbelievable past.

    A book specifically asked to wait for '35 years after Bronislaw's death' by Bronislaw to be written, a book to right some wrongs that were done.

    Military Journalists and historians are praising this 5 x Star rated book, not for the way it is written, but rather it’s for it’s frank content with supporting evidence, content and admissions.

Fascinating and worth persevering with...

Book review on AMAZON in the United Kingdom on March 5, 2021

"....... as the author was working in a language (English) that is not their own. However the story is very interesting and sheds new potential light on the assassination. It includes a lot of particularly interesting photos to support the story. I learnt things about the Polish underground as well, that I had not fully appreciated."


ANDREW REEDS - British Military, SAS, Military Journalist, MOD writer, Journalist, Businessman




Over the summer I constructed an inexpensive functional full-scale replica cross section of a B-24 Elevator and fixed Fairing. With this replica I was able to simulate and confirm with confidence that your father's sabotage of AL 523 caused the crash and death of General Sikorski. In my opinion and Garth Barnard’s, your father's story and his method are no longer in doubt. It is worthy of serious attention by historians.

Chris Wroblewski

WW2 AIR CRASH DETECTIVES : - Investigator of 'Sikorski's Last Flight' 

General Wladyslaw Sikorski and 15 others were killed when the B-24 they were travelling in crashed shortly after take off from Gibraltar very nearly 77 years ago.
The crash on the 4th July 1943, where the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Eduard Prchal, survived, has been the subject of much discussion and debate. I would even go as far to say that this is probably the most talked about crash involving a high profile figure in the history of flight. The conspiracy theories have rattled on for years with the finger of blame, if it wasn't an accident, being pointed in many directions, but now, finally, the truth !

Garth Barnard

WOW : - Now this makes sense, I have been studying about the Sikorski crash for many years, and I believe it. What an incredible 'account before and during the war....especially those photographs with MI6...

Paul Jackard

THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY : - I have completed reading your book. I found the book interesting. You certainly had a unique relationship with an unusual father. It was interesting to read to first hand accounts of the wartime experiences of a Polish soldier throughout the war, and back in Pol...

Henry Szlot