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British Intelligence & Polish Intelligence Captured by Wehrmacht late September 1939 awaiting to be sent to Stalag VA

"You can tell them the truth after I am dead, tell them in say 30 years...noh 35 years."

― Bronislaw

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To Live Well is to Hide Well ' The Lizard is coming ' 


Meet the world's deadliest, undiscovered Assassin and Spy of the 20th Century. Read the true life story of Bronislaw, as the author takes you through his incredible life and his Pal 'Ryback' before, during and after WW2. 

​Bronislaw was with the Polish Border Protection Corps (Polish: Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza, K.O.P.) a military formation that was created in 1924 to defend the country's eastern borders against armed Soviet incursions and local bandits. They were made up of elite soldiers from all parts of Poland, trained to combine the tactics of the army, police forces and border guards. They guarded the borders actively, not only by patrols, but also through reconnaissance, ambushes, provocation and 'Intelligence Reporting'.

July 1939 Bronislaw reports to 'Polish Military Intelligence' watching for NAZI activities and Soviet Army movements.  Months later Bronislaw was to be one of the first men in the world to witness Army movements before Germany invades Poland and report it. He was essential for ‘on the ground for intelligence’ for Poland and becomes pivotal to both Intelligence departments of Poland and Britain. Passing information to General Smolenski and to 'Colonel Colin McVean Gubbins' an English Officer of the MI(R) with the 'D' section of British Intelligence Service, which would later be the beginnings of the British SOE. 

Gubbins was later to play a major part in the formation of the Polish SOE during WW2, which formed later in November 1940. However the roots of the organization can be traced back much to these missions in Poland with even Ryback and Bronislaw.

History will be made soon after he meets his Pal ‘Ryback’ from British Intelligence and later on becomes British SOE and ‘Cichociemni’, trained in Fife, U.K.  Ryback and Bronislaw wage a war like no other, but their names are never ever used again as they take on new 'identities'. Read and follow their true wartime experiences as England now unlocks their ‘Secret’ past through U.K. Historical Researchers, because in the early 1980s they interviewed and recorded these men. All is now revealed as by a million to one chance encounter that now reveals amazing detailed information about Bronislaw long held in England.

Read about their many adventures to kill many top SS Nazis in Prague and other places including some of their failures. Bronislaw’s only regret as he tells his youngest son, was that he was directed to kill one of his very own. In 1943 he is placed into position and under orders upon the ‘Special Signal’  to eliminate his very own PM and General Wladyslaw Sikorski by plane crash, and it was so well done that even today no one knew the wiser. Read in detail exactly how Bronislaw and one other did it and that his method is indeed supported by WW2 Air Crash Investigators and through modern computer simulations prove it will indeed work exactly as Bronislaw explained.

This book also includes stunning information from the son of one of the Polish Team that was sent originally to stop Bronislaw from killing General Wladyslaw Sikorski in the very first place. For long before Sikorski even dies in the plane crash. London had intercepted a few ‘Cipher’ transmissions that they know are credible from the middle east. A plot to kill General Wladyslaw Sikorski is discovered months before it even happened; however the 'Team' treat this as just a 'hoax', but all soon changes after his death.

Bronislaw ever vigilant uses many different names during the course of WW2. After Sikorski's death amazingly he is used unknowingly by London's Polish Government in Exile's - A.K. Unit 993/W 'Revenge Company' to do the Government's biddings, to eliminate those that are classed as a threat. With absolutely no knowledge that he is the very same person that had eliminated their Polish PM and General Wladyslaw instructed by another a Polish military Polish faction in the middle east!

He becomes 'King Assassin' under the leadership of Zbigniew Szubanski p.s. 'Clive' his boss in the Unit 993/W who tells this author in 1960's by Zbigniew himself.

However the Polish Team originally sent for him, now want revenge for Sikorski’s death. This creates a cat and mouse like game for years; from Allied Occupied Germany to all the way to Australia they pursue him, with a very surprising ending.​



-  An expert Assassin leaves no trace !                                            Ver: UNIVERSAL12122019 -V16 

Wartime Video of Bronislaw's capture by the Nazis in 1939 !
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THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY : - I have completed reading your book. I found the book interesting. You certainly had a unique relationship with an unusual father. It was interesting to read to first hand accounts of the wartime experiences of a Polish soldier throughout the war, and back in Pol...

Henry Szot


A very interesting and intriguing read, well done!

Have to admit I did start reading from the beginning but soon skipped ahead to the parts about Sikorski .......

Chris Wroblewski

WW2 AIR CRASH DETECTIVES : - Investigator of 'Sikorki's Last Flight' 

General Wladyslaw Sikorski and 15 others were killed when the B-24 they were travelling in crashed shortly after take off from Gibraltar very nearly 75 years ago to this day.
The crash on the 4th July 1943, where the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Eduard Prchal, survived, has been the subject of much discussion and debate. I would even go as far to say that this is probably the most talked about crash involving a high profile figure in the history of flight. The conspiracy theories have rattled on for years with the finger of blame, if it wasn't an accident, being pointed in many directions, but now, finally, the truth !

Garth Barnard

Book Review - To Live Well is to Hide Well ' The Lizard is coming '

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Photograph of Bronislaw reversed direction taken from colour German film converted to b&w wrong way around.