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Last Revised on 27/06/2022

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“Truth is not only stranger than fiction but far more interesting”

Margaret Echard -Before I Wake, 1943

General Wladyslaw Sikorski
- Sabotage
- Unit 993
- Assassin
- James Bond

The most elusive and lethal Spy / Assassin of the 20th Century

80 year old secrets are finally allowed to be revealed: This book contains proof of exactly how and why Polish General Sikorski was assassinated. Clearly stating to the world that it certainly was not an accident. As today even after the British and Polish investigations, no trail was left by the master assassin long after his deed was done. It was requested that 35 years after his death you were told just who he was and what he did. 

    To Live Well is to Hide Well is a true story about an elusive, silent, international spy and assassin before, during and after WW2, working for England, Poland and the USA. Read about the death bed confessions, as the son seeks the truth to what he was once told, so he can make good on his promise to tell the world his father's secrets.

    This truth allowed the son to finally put together the ‘oddities’ of his own life with his father. It answered questions as to why he was given a gun, a real knife and tomahawk at a tender age of 5, while all his friends played with toys!

    These confessions opened a Pandora’s box of a world so foreign, full of secrets, so dark that it shook not only the son but would shake the world once they were known.

    Spying, assassinations, and much more were part of this confession. These actions he deemed justifiable due to war against his beloved Poland, and we find they were carried out by a man physically and emotionally damaged by the violence perpetrated against him early on in the war.

    As a deeply religious man close to death, he needed to share these truths which had been deliberately hidden from the world. The story unfolds with the son sharing his fathers’ confessions of actions from during his years as an intelligence officer and assassin. One of these confessions finally unravels the mystery surrounding the death of General Wladyslaw Sikorski, which has been the subject of investigations and many hypotheses. This alone is worth picking up the book for a read. 

    Throughout the story it emerges how this seemingly mild man who kept to himself was actually known in key powerful circles, and the Allies as the ‘King Assassin’, a major international spy and NAZI hunter. Those who knew of him or heard his code name mentioned, greatly feared but also respected him. They were intrigued by his ability to stay invisible while continuing his many exploits.

"Finally the actual link to the man that inspired Ian Fleming in his creation of his fictitious James Bond" 

    As in all good spy and assassin story’s there is always an inner sanction of people who played key roles. Most lived dual lives. As a reader you may be surprised at the identity of some of these players and just how famous they could be in their ‘normal’ life. One such player took advantage of the fathers’ stories and created a spy character. This character is no other than James Bond. How did this happen you may well ask? Well as with James Bond the character, there was of course a real life ‘lover’. His father’s lover – Krystyna who shared the father’s story with this famous author. If you are an early James Bond follower, you would know her as ‘Vesper’. Her real name was Krystyna Skarbek, and she was well known in war time history as Churchill's favorite spy. She used her charms to successfully infiltrate and share vital information.  Together the father, the teller of these truths, Krystyna and other resistance fighters of the famous Polish ‘Musketeers’ were a law unto themselves.

    The truths from this confession are many and it is a belief that these are possibly only part of more truths that continue to remain hidden due to countries sealing of vital documents that would validate more shared death bed confessions.

    It’s an intriguing story that took many years to unravel, authenticate and now to share. The truth has now been told. The son has fulfilled his promise to his father on his death bed. May his soul rest free from holding these burdens of truth.

* This book will be revised and updated if necessary to ensure quality and accuracy of content.

Fascinating and worth persevering with...

"....... as the author was working in a language (English) that is not their own. However the story is very interesting and sheds new potential light on the (Sikorski) assassination. It includes a lot of particularly interesting photos to support the story. I learnt things about the Polish underground as well, that I had not fully appreciated."

ANDREW REEDS - British Military, SAS, Military Journalist, MOD writer, Journalist, Businessman - Book review on AMAZON in the United Kingdom on March 5, 2021

Most Amazing...

We were taught at school how the Enigma was handed over to the British, how Bertrand fed info back and how Dilly Knox met the team in Warsaw, how a machine was smuggled here (excuse my putting it in a nutshell). However this book (and I paid for mine) is a fascinating, more detailed insight than you would teach a fifteen year old. Good read! "

GILL WILKINSON - Facebook Public forum - British Poles 

- Book review 17th of July 2021

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"Over the summer I constructed an inexpensive functional full-scale replica cross section of a B-24 Elevator and fixed Fairing. With this replica I was able to simulate and confirm with confidence that your father's sabotage of AL 523 caused the crash and death of General Sikorski. In my opinion and Garth Barnard’s, your father's story and his method are no longer in doubt. It is worthy of serious attention by historians."

Chris Wroblewski

WW2 AIR CRASH DETECTIVES : - Investigator of 'Sikorski's Last Flight' 

"General Wladyslaw Sikorski and 15 others were killed when the B-24 they were travelling in crashed shortly after take off from Gibraltar very nearly 77 years ago.
The crash on the 4th July 1943, where the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Eduard Prchal, survived, has been the subject of much discussion and debate. I would even go as far to say that this is probably the most talked about crash involving a high profile figure in the history of flight. The conspiracy theories have rattled on for years with the finger of blame, if it wasn't an accident, being pointed in many directions, but now, finally, the truth !"

Garth Barnard


"Now this makes sense, I have been studying about the Sikorski crash for many years, and I believe it. What an incredible 'account before and during the war....especially those photographs with MI6..."

Paul Jackard


"I have completed reading your book. I found the book interesting. You certainly had a unique relationship with an unusual father. It was interesting to read to first hand accounts of the wartime experiences of a Polish soldier throughout the war, and back in Pol..."

Henry Szlot