BRONISLAW'S CAPTURE VIDEO footage taken by the Nazis and used for "Propaganda purposes", they wanted to show the world just 'how well' they care for the enemy! The Nazis did not know these two were British and Polish Intelligence. The above video is under Public Domain of youtube.com.
Bronislaw is the very centre and equally on the LHS is 'Piotr' also of Polish Heritage but a British Intelligence Officer unbeknown to the NAZIS. Later 'Piotr' becomes a British SOE and Cichociemni as does Bronislaw. Both are now as a P.O.W.s captured in late September 1939, in collection awaiting to be transported to Stalag VA in Germany.

The movie 35mm FILM was taken by German Third Reich Photographer E. Jaeger and captured on the famous Wochenshau Clips dated October 13th, 1939

His main footage is filmed exactly at the " 01:00 " minute mark as the German Cameraman notices that he is not wearing a proper fitting Polish standard army uniform, as Bronislaw simply found it on the side of the road and swapped his uniform.

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Photograph of Bronislaw reversed direction taken from colour German film converted to b&w wrong way around.