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Winner first time setup (once only)

You have WON a digital copy of 'TO LIVE WELL IS TO HIDE WELL'  by Author Peter Urbanski.

WINNER INSTRUCTIONS: Note this will only work for notified winners with their pre-submitted and author approved access.

STEP 1: Go to the MENU BAR - RED 'Log In Here' to access your copy.

STEP 2: Select - BLUE 'Sign Up' 

STEP 3: Fill in your details
(must match winning competition data) 

STEP 4: ALLOW A FEW HOURS and you will be granted access and this is a onetime only thing, you will be notified you are a member and full access to the BOOK + all its revisions + extra.
All you have to do is simply LOG-IN after which your browser should remember this and it becomes a click of a button to access the book. GOOD READING.

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