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CAPTURED BY THE NAZIS: September 1939 BRONISLAW (Polish Intelligence + MI6 Agent + [Cichociemni trainer later in the war]) is captured near Lwow with Teddy (MI6 + [Polish Cichociemni later in the war]) - Video courtesy of

They are on the cover of the clip for example Bronislaw (tallest in the middle) and MI6 partner 'Teddy' (to his LHS) captured late September 1939. They are incognito as 'Standard Polish Army' garb, obviously too large. They were filmed and part of Goebbels NAZI propaganda film on how well they were treated, also this is a mishmash of some Polish patriot clips. The NAZIs were unaware of their incredible catch. Bronislaw is on the cover of this video and at the 1:00 minute mark. Once Bronislaw was free he used up to 4 x different names and different pseudonyms for each name. 
The author as a young man was already told of his capture (Bronislaw in 1982 in Ottoway) The author has found out and verified that the man in the middle is Bronislaw Urbanski. In Britain second verification has come from British Historian Stewart Egerton. Stewart was able to identify both Bronislaw and 'Teddy'. 'Teddy' is to the left hand side of Bronislaw.
[BELOW VIDEO] 2020 CANADIAN TRIALS - August 2020 Canadian Aeronautical TRIALS - Video is courtesy of 

INDEPENDANT VERIFICATION: Below is a file from August 2020 CANADIAN TRIALS produced by Chris Wroblewski as he interpreted the method (below) - proof of method Flight AL523 was downed as per Bronislaw's method.
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