Have you ever wondered about James Bond 007! Was he real? The world of spies and espionage seems so far-fetched but read this book to know that it’s not?

To 'Live Well is to Hide Well' lifts the lid on the true story and the person behind Ian Fleming's 'Bond'.

Read how Peter Fleming and especially Ian Fleming came to know and write about this Super Spy.

Be intrigued while exploring the underworld of the MI6 and Polish Intelligence. Learn how 'Bond' is a Polish born Spy. Suave and a lady magnet, especially for the powerful female super spy - Christine Granville (known as 'Vesper'). She was his director and his lover while working as the 'Musketeers'. They made a dangerous duo.

Read the true exploits of this 'Bond' super spy as he works with intelligence, M16 section 'D' and how he gets hold of the 'Enigma' and hands these over to France and England.

Find out who assassinated the Polish Prime Minister - Wladyslaw Sikorski, and how only recently was the truth uncovered.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Dusan Popov was the model for Ian's Bond, as our Polish Super Spy was around way before Popov met with MI6 ‘C’. Ian was still under the British Secrecy Act .

1. The above video is Bronislaw's before, during and after WW2 life

2. The below video is Ian Flemings interview, stating that 90% of his stories are based upon his real WW2 wartime experiences.


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